ABOUT US – Wokeshirts




Woke Shirts is a T-shirt and accessory shop designed to help people express themselves through words and art. What started out as dissatisfaction with the global political and social climate spawned into a desire to give a voice to those thoughts. There are many forms of activism but all activism is intended to promote change in action or thought. Wearing a T-Shirt from our site allows you to give voice to something that is important than you. That is why this site exists. 

We worked with talented graphic designers to provide fun, thought provoking, and fresh designs that cover a variety of different social issues and political topics. Please visit our designer biography page to learn more about designers who have contributed designs to the site. 


We believe in the value of a great customer experience. We believe in the value of custom designs designed to catch peoples eye. We believe in all forms of free speech and expression. Although some of our shirts designs may not align with your point of view and here is no way to express every possible view but we strive to be true to our values. One of those values is giving back. Keep an eye out for an opportunity to donate to causes and advocacy groups related to the T-Shirts you purchase (Coming Soon). 

We believe in giving our customers an opportunity to influence our brand in a positive way. If you have an idea or cause that you think needs to be shared on one of our T-Shirts please contact us below. 

We believe in making things easy for you and cherishing every order. We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your purchase.

Please take a look around, and let us know if we can help you in any way. We are NOT a big company, and you are NOT just a customer. We care about you. When you contact us, you’ll hear back from us right away. You can contact us to let us know about your experience or if you just need a little help. If your a Non-profit and would like to discuss how we can help your organization we would love to hear from you.